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There are a number of common structures found at almost any construction site across the country. One of the most widely used is scaffolding, a structure typically made of wood and steel that is erected for a short amount of time so workers can reach high points on buildings and other structures. And, although scaffolding is a necessary part of every construction site, it can also be very dangerous. Because scaffolding is built and torn down frequently and very quickly, it can sometimes be constructed poorly, putting workers at risk of a life-altering injury.

Injuries from collapsed scaffolding are almost always serious due to the height the victim falls from. Collapsing scaffolds not only cause harm to workers on the structure, but they can also injure workers standing around or under the scaffolding as well. To learn more about your case and legal options, contact a Birmingham collapsed scaffolding lawyer of Yearout & Traylor, P.C., today at 205-414-8160 and schedule a free consultation.

Causes of Scaffolding Collapse

Safety should be a top priority on every construction site. Unfortunately, scaffolding is often erected and torn down carelessly or the same scaffolding is used for multiple projects without proper inspection to ensure its safety. Some common causes of scaffolding collapse include the following:

  • Careless construction
  • Scaffolding that isn’t properly secured
  • Built with damaged materials
  • Missing components
  • Scaffolding isn’t properly maintained
  • Scaffolding that isn’t properly braced

When safety precautions are not taken, workers may be at risk of an injury that could leave them disabled and unable to work. In such a situation, they may be able to pursue compensation for their injuries and related suffering from the party responsible for the accident.

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