Birmingham Failure to Train Attorneys

A trucking company’s failure to train its truck drivers before they get behind the wheel of a semi truck or 18-wheeler can have catastrophic consequences. Not only do truck drivers need to understand exactly how to operate their vehicles, but they also must know how to react in hazardous driving situations. If they do not, it can lead to devastating truck accidents that can injure truck drivers as well as any other individuals on the road.

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Dangers of Failure to Train

Being a commercial truck driver calls for an extensive amount of knowledge regarding truck operations and safety standards, including the hours of service. Trucking companies that rush their employees through training or fail to train at all put their drivers and other motorists at risk for serious injuries. The following issues may arise on the road because of the failure to train a truck driver properly:

  • Dangerous driving during inclement weather conditions or on unsafe roads
  • Failure to drive safely through stressful traffic situations, including construction sites
  • Failure to handle mechanical malfunctions appropriately on the road
  • Failure to adhere to the hours of service regulations
  • Failure to load and balance cargo properly

Although these issues may at first seem like truck driver error, they may actually be the result of an improper or incomplete training program. In these situations, trucking companies can be held accountable for any accidents their untrained or undertrained drivers cause.

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