Brake Malfunction

A brake malfunction on an 18-wheeler or semi truck can be devastating, as it can cause a truck driver to completely lose control over his or her vehicle. Without properly functioning brakes, a truck driver may not be able to slow or stop with the flow of traffic on a highway, or stop at a stop sign or red light when on smaller roads. As a result, these large, fast-moving commercial trucks can collide with regular trucks and sedans or even plow into crowds of pedestrians, potentially leading to catastrophic injuries for those involved.

Accidents Caused by Brake Malfunctions

Any malfunctions of critical automobile safety features such as brakes are unacceptable, and brake designers and manufacturers must work hard to ensure that their products are safe for use. Additionally, trucking companies must provide regular maintenance on their vehicles, replacing old and worn-out brake pads so that drivers can rely on these important devices.

Faulty brakes can result in the following hazardous situations:

  • Inability to stop at a stop sign or light
  • Failure to slow down or stop with the speed of traffic
  • Loss of ability to stop or slow for construction zones
  • Failure to slow when making a sharp turn
  • Inability to react to changing road conditions and traffic situations

These serious safety failures may result in severe injuries and even death for those involved. However, victims may be entitled to file lawsuits to cover medical costs, out-of-pocket expenses, and even lost wages during treatment or recovery.

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