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Railroad companies have a responsibility to carefully prepare their employees for their jobs, as a failure to train may put passengers and fellow employees at risk of devastating train accidents. Untrained or improperly trained employees present a significant liability for those on or around a train, as these unqualified employees may not be prepared to handle emergency situations or even their day-to-day responsibilities safely. These unprepared employees can cause accidents ranging from derailments to railroad crossing collisions.

At Yearout & Traylor, P.C., we provide train accident victims in Birmingham with the opportunity to fight for fair treatment and compensation after a train accident. Our lawyers can help you determine the party at fault for your accident and take legal action to secure the compensation you need.

Train Accidents Caused by Failure to Train Employees

Railroad company negligence is a major safety concern for train passengers and railroad employees alike. An incomplete or inadequate training program can leave railroad employees unprepared for the rigors of real-world situations that could threaten lives if mishandled. The following mistakes by untrained employees could lead to catastrophic injuries for those involved:

  • Failure to know safety protocol in case of an accident
  • Failure to properly perform their job duties, which may affect the overall safety of a train
  • Failure to report or react to dangerous incidents in an appropriate manner, such as handling noticeable security problems
  • Failure to provide safe accommodations for passengers with special needs

Those injured because of an untrained employee’s errors may be entitled to file a claim for compensation to cover their medical costs, out-of-pocket expenses, and even wages lost due to the injury.

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