Birmingham Stationary Object Collision Lawyers

Taking a boat out on the water is a wonderful way to enjoy some outdoor recreation and relaxation. However, some boaters are reckless and irresponsible. When someone’s negligence causes them to collide with a stationary object, it can lead to numerous injuries, not only to their passengers, but to others in the surrounding area as well.

If you have been injured in a boating accident due to another party’s negligence, you should not have to bear the financial repercussions. The Birmingham stationary object collision lawyers of Yearout & Traylor, P.C., can help you to seek suitable financial compensation from the responsible party. Contact us at 205-414-8160 to discuss your potential case.

Dangers of Stationary Object Collisions

Boaters are often more readily aware of moving objects near them in the water, such as other boats and swimmers. Unfortunately, they may overlook the threat posed by stationary objects, which are often quite substantial. The sudden stop caused by a collision with a stationary object is likely to lead to a number of severe injuries. Stationary objects with which one might collide include:

  • Anchored boats
  • Buoys
  • Rocks
  • Trees
  • Piers or docks
  • The shore

Injuries may require immediate medical attention, and in the case that an individual loses consciousness or is submerged, a tragic drowning may occur.

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If you have been injured as a consequence of a negligent boater’s failure to operate his or her vessel safely, the Birmingham stationary collision accident lawyers of Yearout & Traylor, P.C. can help. Contact us by calling 205-414-8160 to learn more about your legal rights and options.