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Airplane accidents are often the tragic result of some form of negligence. Despite the thorough training that pilots must undergo and the strict guidelines and codes for flying aircraft, accidents sometimes are a result of an error on the pilot’s part. Airline pilots have immense responsibility for the safe delivery of their passengers. When they make mistakes, they are putting themselves and every person on their aircraft in danger.

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Causes of Pilot Errors

There are numerous factors for pilots to consider in every decision they make while flying an airplane. They have to take into account many deceptively small details such as the way the plane’s weight distribution changes as fuel is burned and how minor differences in the weather can affect their flight. Pilots are required to be trained in these and similar influences that can affect their flight path. While pilots are usually well-trained, it is still possible for them to make costly mistakes. Some common causes of pilot errors include:

  • Overconfidence in their ability to fly through difficult weather
  • Improper pre-flight aircraft inspection
  • Misreading instruments
  • Faulty instruments
  • Incorrect decisions
  • Flying while intoxicated
  • Neglecting to follow Federal Aviation Administration regulations

When pilots make mistakes, the consequences are often devastating. Airplane accidents due to pilot error do not happen often, but when they do, they can be fatal.

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