Water Pooling

It’s natural for a small amount of water to slick roads and highways after rain or snow fall. However, if water is allowed to pool on a road to a significant degree, this may indicate a lack of proper drainage systems, which is the responsibility of the road’s designers or builders. This pooling water can pose a serious risk for drivers, as the excess water may create conditions that can cause a driver to hydroplane, or lose control over their vehicle. This can cause drivers to be involved in serious accidents that cause devastating injuries.

The Dangers of Water Pooling on the Streets

When excess water pools on a street or highway and isn’t promptly drained out by a necessary sewage drain, drivers may be put at risk of losing control of their automobile. These water hazards may create the following dangerous issues:

  • Hydroplaning, which can cause a loss of steering, braking, or directional control
  • Flooding damage and subsequent loss of power to the vehicle
  • Damage to electrical systems, which may also cause immediate loss of power or control

These safety concerns are the responsibility of municipalities and government transportation agencies to prevent. If water pooling causes an accident which leads to the undue injury of a person, these government entities may be held liable for the costs involved with treatment and recovery through a lawsuit.

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