Shoulder Drop-offs

When a road is built, it’s important for the construction crews to ensure that the shoulder next to the road does not present unnecessary hazards to drivers by being substantially uneven. A significant drop-off in height between the shoulder and the road can prove disastrous when a motor vehicle needs to pull off of the road, as this sudden change in height can cause serious problems with the tires and the driver’s ability to control the vehicle.

The repercussions of significantly uneven shoulder drop-offs can vary; however, any can cause an unsuspecting driver to sustain substantial injuries. In such a situation though, a victim of an accident may be able to take legal action against the municipal body responsible for maintaining and/or constructing the road and shoulder.

The Dangers of Shoulder Drop-offs

Several problems may arise if a road’s shoulder isn’t properly measured to match the height of the road itself. These safety concerns may include the following:

  • Tire blowouts
  • Wheel damages
  • In extreme cases, suspension damages

The damage these drop-off dangers can cause may be enough to lead to a loss of control. A driver may not be able to safely keep their vehicle on the shoulder, causing them to dangerously run off of the road, or may not be able to keep them from pulling out of traffic, causing a collision.

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