Objects on the Roadway

Objects left on the roadway can put a motorist at risk of striking the debris and sustaining injuries from the resulting collision. It’s the responsibility of the government agency in charge of maintaining the road to remove any objects that may pose a serious hazard for those on the road in order to avoid these collisions. However, these agencies often fail to clear roads in a timely manner, allowing them to be held legally liable for the many undue losses and injuries that victims sustain in accidents.

Dangerous Debris on the Highway

Government transportation agencies not only have a responsibility to maintain roads when they’re too damaged to safely drive on, but also to clear off dangerous materials on roads that are otherwise well-maintained. Debris that may need to be removed promptly in order to avoid collisions includes:

  • Tree limbs and trunks
  • Loose cargo from 18-wheeler trucks
  • Debris from a vehicle collision
  • Miscellaneous storm debris or objects left on a road after a flood

These kinds of hazards should be promptly removed before a motorist is injured in a collision with the object. If the municipal agency doesn’t act quickly enough, they may be held responsible for whatever injuries are sustained as a result of their negligent delays.

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