Municipal Negligence

Government agencies have a legal responsibility to the public to maintain the roads and highways so that they are always safe for use. However, if a municipality fails to take the necessary time and effort to properly inspect and repair its roads, it may put motorists at risk of serious auto accidents. In these situations, the negligent municipality at fault for the accidents may be obligated to cover victims’ auto repair costs, medical bills, lost wages, and other damages.

Government Responsibilities

Municipal governments need to keep up with the demands of their local highways and streets. Over time, roadways can become worn down, damaged, or dangerously obstructed, possibly causing motorists to collide with objects or lose control over their vehicles. Government agencies should perform the following duties in order to protect drivers, cyclists, and pedestrians:

  • Repair road defects such as potholes, shoulder drop-offs, and uneven pavement in a timely manner
  • Provide road clean-up following a collision
  • Provide road clean-up following a storm or natural disaster
  • Install necessary road signs and road paint
  • Trim brush overgrowth around roads
  • Keep stoplights and other traffic signals in visible, working order

Failing to take action on these basic needs may ultimately cost a person his or her health and well-being due to a devastating car accident. However, those injured because of municipal negligence may be entitled to hold the municipality accountable for its lack of appropriate action.

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