Lack of Signs

Proper signage on the road has a drastic impact on the safety of motorists. If a government transportation agency doesn’t take the time to ensure that the right sign is posted when it’s needed, it could cause drivers to not know how to best operate their vehicle, especially under unusual or particularly dangerous circumstances. In some cases, even a simple stop sign can dramatically lower the likelihood of an accident occurring. Thus, the failure to post the right signs, which can seriously endanger motorists, is something for which a municipal agency should be held liable.

The Dangers of a Lack of Signs

A lack of signs can put motorists at serious risk of being involved in an accident, as there may not be clear instructions about how to drive properly on the road or deal with a given situation. Specifically, the following safety problems may contribute to a person being harmed in a car accident:

  • A lack of stop or yield signs to safely guide the flow of traffic
  • A lack of instruction in unusual traffic circumstances
  • Forewarnings about damages or dangers on the road
  • Forewarnings to stop or slow for workers, pedestrians, or children
  • Inadequate road paint markers

It is considered the responsibility of a government transportation agency to prevent these and other hazards by providing the appropriate signs. Thus, if the responsible agency fails to take the proper action, they may be held legally liable for the injuries their mistakes cause.

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