Lack of Guardrails

When a driver loses control of their vehicle, they can cause serious damage, both to themselves and others, if they run into oncoming traffic or go off the road. Oftentimes, the easiest way to prevent additional damage and harm from occurring is for transportation authorities to install and maintain proper guardrails. These guardrails can help drivers stay safely away from dangerous off-road objects, while keeping them from causing secondary collisions with other motorists or pedestrians.

Why Are Guardrails Necessary?

Guardrails should be properly constructed of durable material that can withstand a high-speed collision, but not cause excessive injuries to a motorist in the collision. If constructed and installed properly, guardrails can help motorists avoid the following dangerous problems on the road:

  • Colliding with an off-road object, like a person, signpost, or tree
  • Colliding with oncoming traffic from the opposite lanes
  • Rebounding into traffic, causing a secondary accident
  • Running off-road entirely, potentially into dangerous terrain

Failing to install or maintain guardrails is considered the legal responsibility of the government agency in charge of maintaining and improving that road. As a result, this agency may be held accountable for the harm an injured motorist sustains through a personal injury lawsuit.

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