Construction Negligence

For many highway building and maintenance projects, construction crews work side-by-side with existing roads and traffic. Although it is every motorist’s responsibility to avoid accidents with construction workers, these crews must in turn take whatever reasonable precautions are available to prevent materials or machinery from causing accidents on nearby highways.

If a construction crew’s negligence does result in an auto accident, the company may be held liable for any ensuing damages.

Construction Errors and Auto Accidents

Construction crews may need to use a wide variety of tools and materials to complete their road construction, highway repairs, or other building project near a road. Failing to observe basic roadside safety protocol when using these building materials may result in devastating auto accidents. The following construction site errors are common causes of car accidents:

  • Failing to provide warning signs for approaching drivers
  • Leaving materials, tools, or debris in the roadway
  • Failing to properly secure potential falling hazards
  • Colliding with traffic in construction vehicles
  • Improper use of construction equipment or tools
  • Failing to block off roads as necessary due to demolition or other dangers

These mistakes can leave innocent motorists facing costly medical bills as well as automotive repair costs. However, the person or party at fault for the construction site negligence can be held accountable for these damages.

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