Around 280,000 Chrysler minivans with side airbag defects to be recalled

More than 280,000 2013 edition minivans will be recalled by Chrysler due to defective side airbags.

The side airbags on the Chrysler Town and Country, Grand Caravan, and Ram Cargo Van reportedly have software problems that cause the airbags to deploy on the opposite side of the car rather than on the impacted side. Reports indicate that there was one accident caused by the malfunction.

According to a Chrysler spokesperson, the global recall will involve at least 220,000 U.S. vehicles, while an estimated 49,000 and 3,000 will come from Canada and Mexico respectively. The remaining 5,000 will come from other countries.

The U.S. car manufacturer says affected Chrysler car owners will be notified about the free reprogramming of the software.

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