Red Sox relief pitcher suffers from surgical error

Bobby Jenks, the Red Sox relief pitcher who has had numerous complications with back problems, has opened up about a recent surgical error that caused him to undergo emergency surgery.

On December 12, Jenks had surgery to remove two different bone spurs on his spine. After the surgery was done, he returned home to Phoenix, but began experiencing severe side effects that left him in immense pain. He noticed that the incision from the surgery was leaking, and was taken to the hospital where emergency surgery had to be performed.

Due to a surgical error in his first surgery, a third bone spur had begun to be removed, but was not completely freed when the incision was closed. That third spur cut through the incision, and caused spinal fluid to leak. Jenks acknowledges that an error was made, and is just happy that he noticed it in time, otherwise he may not be alive. He is considering filing a medical malpractice lawsuit, but at this time no official statements have been made.

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