Where Do Pedestrian Accidents Happen?

Every year, an astounding 60,000 pedestrians are injured in traffic accidents. Many of these accidents occur because of drivers’ negligence. When drivers are distracted or unaware of pedestrian traffic, accidents are more likely to happen. Luckily, irresponsible drivers can be held accountable through a personal injury claim.

Those who have been in a pedestrian accident may be eligible for compensation from liable drivers to help cover their medical costs and lost wages. At Yearout & Traylor, P.C., our lawyers pride themselves on helping the victims of pedestrian accidents. Our goal is to help those who have suffered injuries get back on their feet financially.

Common Locations of Pedestrian Accident Incidents

Pedestrians are protected by law from drivers, but reckless motorists may be too distracted to notice pedestrians. Some common locations of pedestrian accidents include:

  • Intersections
  • Crosswalks
  • School campuses
  • Gas stations and parking lots
  • Driveways and sidewalks

If you have been injured in a pedestrian accident, you may be eligible for compensation from the liable driver.

Talk to a Pedestrian Accident Lawyer in Birmingham

Pedestrian accidents can cause serious injuries and even fatalities. Those who have suffered injuries due to negligent drivers need experienced legal representation that will help them secure the compensation they deserve. At Yearout & Traylor, P.C., we firmly believe in representing those who need help during their time of crisis. Our competent personal injury lawyers are prepared to aggressively fight for your legal rights and interests. Call 205.414.8160 today to speak with a pedestrian accident lawyer in Birmingham.