What Is Syringomyelia?

Spinal cord injuries can cause severe health complications that may permanently affect how a person moves or feels physically. In particular, a traumatic injury or medical mistake may lead to a serious spinal cord injury complication known as syringomyelia. This health concern is caused by a cavity or cyst, known as a syrinx, that develops in the injured individual’s spinal cord. This cavity can grow larger over time, eventually causing more serious disabilities as it destroys the spinal cord.

Disabilities Associated with Syringomyelia

Syringomyelia can worsen a person’s pre-existing spinal cord injury disabilities, as well as lead to the development of new disabilities. Depending on where the cavity begins and how much it is allowed to grow before physicians step in to treat it, this health complication may lead to the following serious health concerns:

  • Loss of the ability to feel extreme temperatures
  • Loss of the ability to feel sensations through the back, shoulders, or extremities
  • Paralysis and other mobility disabilities
  • Persistent stiffness throughout the back, shoulders, or extremities

This condition can be treated in some cases, as physicians may be able to prevent the cyst from growing any larger. However, in many cases, patients may face extremely high risks with spinal cord surgery, and physicians may simply prescribe pain medication to manage some of the symptoms of this disorder. Any of these treatment and management options can prove very expensive for an injured individual to handle.

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