Understanding Informed Consent

Whenever a patient visits a hospital for any treatment, the medical professionals who are responsible for their care are required to ensure that the patient understands certain aspects of their situation. They must reasonably explain the patient’s diagnosis, different options for treatment, the side effects of those treatments, as well as any other relevant information. If a medical professional fails to properly inform their patient, they may suffer adverse side effects or other complications that they were not aware of or prepared for. Such negligence constitutes medical malpractice, for which the patient may be able to hold them liable.

If your physician did not get your informed consent for a procedure, you may be suffering from adverse effects that you were unaware of. A Birmingham personal injury attorney of Yearout and Traylor, P.C., may be able to provide you with the professional legal representation you need to protect your rights. Call our office today at 205-414-8160.

Importance of Informed Consent

Patients must be educated about the details concerning potential procedures so that they can make informed decisions about treatments that could potentially affect their lives in significant ways. Following are some of the reasons that informed consent is necessary:

  • Patient is aware of their own illness or injury
  • Patient knows what their treatment options are
  • Patient understands the benefits and side effects of each treatment

Without this knowledge, a patient might subscribe to a treatment that they may not have preferred and could potentially be forced to deal with adverse effects that they were not made aware of.

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Informed consent is an important part of any treatment selection. If you did not receive comprehensive information about your treatment and give informed consent, you should contact a Birmingham injury lawyer of Yearout & Traylor, P.C., to determine what your legal options are for pursuing the compensation you may deserve. Call 205-414-8160 to speak with a member of our office.