Understanding Dram Shop Liability

In drunk driving accidents, there are certain circumstances in which a third party may have some liability for any losses incurred by the victims. The law that takes such scenarios into account is known in Alabama as the Dram Shop Act, which may apply when an establishment provides alcohol to a recognizably drunk patron who later to get into a drunk driving accident. In such a case, the alcohol provider may be liable for up to a certain amount of the damages incurred by any victims.

If you were injured in a drunk driving accident by an individual who was provided with alcohol by a negligent bar or other establishment, you may be able to hold the provider accountable for your losses. Contact Yearout & Traylor, P.C., to discuss your legal options for pursuing compensation with one of our aggressive Birmingham personal injury lawyers. Call our office today at 205-414-8160.

Provisions of the Dram Shop Act

The Dram Shop Act will only apply in a drunk driving accident if certain conditions have been met. Several of the important stipulations for assessing dram shop liability are as follows:

  • The alcohol must have been provided illegally – the patron must have been obviously drunk, in a dry county, or have been under 21
  • The provided alcohol was the cause of inebriation – the alcohol contributed by the provider must have played a significant role in the driver’s intoxication
  • The provided alcohol resulted in the injury – alcohol must have played an obvious role in the accident

When a drunk driver causes an accident, many innocent people may suffer the repercussions. As such, a party who negligently or illegally served them the alcohol should be held accountable.

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