Traumatic Knee Injuries

Severe knee injuries are common in a variety of accidents, ranging from slips and falls to vehicular collisions. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to fully recover from knee trauma, as it might require surgery, physical therapy, and weeks off of your feet in order to allow a knee injury to heal. Often, though, victims of traumatic knee injuries are left with long-term mobility issues and ongoing pain, potentially preventing them from working and participating in the activities they once enjoyed. However, those who have suffered serious knee injuries as a result of other parties’ negligence may be entitled to seek compensation to cover their treatment costs and help with the emotional trauma associated with their accidents.

The Consequences of Severe Knee Damage

Due to the complex structure of the knee as well as the weight it must bear every day, even seemingly minor knee injuries can leave individuals facing numerous frustrations. The following health consequences may result from knee trauma:

  • Immobility or difficulty moving the joint
  • Long-term pain and discomfort
  • Joint damage and weakness, possibly contributing to knee failures

In the case of severe knee damage, a patient may need to couple intensive surgical options such as a total knee replacement with physical therapy. Although this can reduce the chances of long-term disability, it can drastically increase the overall cost of treatment and the financial burden on the injured individual’s household. Fortunately, though, the person or party who caused the injury may be obligated to cover these expenses.

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