Lost Job Skills and Talents from a TBI

Traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) can leave injured individuals with a substantial loss of skills that can dramatically reduce a person’s ability to work. For some individuals, these injuries may eventually be overcome through considerable treatment and recovery periods. However, others may see a permanent loss of crucial abilities and talents that can directly affect their job prospects. In either case, the loss of critical job skills due to an injury can put a troublesome financial burden on the injured individual’s household.

Traumatic Brain Injuries and Professional Losses

A person who sustains a traumatic brain injury may be unable to do the same kind of work they used to do before their injury, or at least may not be able to do it as proficiently. These injuries can develop into the following disorders, which may severely impact a person’s performance in their chosen job field:

  • Loss of language skills, both in producing and understanding language
  • Loss of fine motor skills or paralysis, which can affect primarily physical work
  • Behavior changes and loss of emotional control, which can make working with others problematic
  • Loss of job knowledge due to memory loss
  • Loss of sensory perception, which, depending on the affected sense, can make many jobs more difficult than usual

In cases where these disorders can be treated or managed, an injured individual may face very expensive medical bills in order to address their unexpected disabilities. However, if an individual’s injuries and lost career opportunities are someone else’s fault, there may be legal options to compensate for these costs.

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