Electrical Malfunction in Motor Vehicles

Many of the basic parts in modern automobiles are now entirely dependent on electrical systems and computers, including brake systems, steering systems, and more. While computerized control over these components is generally seen as an advantage, glitches or malfunctions with these electrical systems can impair a driver’s ability to safely control his or her vehicle. However, if one of these malfunctions leads to an accident, the driver of the affected vehicle as well as anyone else involved may be able to hold the manufacturer of the defective device liable for damages.

Dangers of Electrical and Computer Defects

Whether from a design error or a manufacturing flaw, problems with a vehicle’s electrical system can be devastating. Drivers can face the following hazards if their vehicles’ computerized components malfunction while driving:

  • Loss of power steering or braking
  • Loss of accurate information readouts on the dashboard
  • Loss of acceleration control
  • Loss of gear shifting control
  • Loss of power
  • Electrical fires

These control and power losses can be incredibly dangerous, potentially leading to catastrophic auto accidents. However, if an auto part malfunction leads to an accident, the parties involved may be entitled to pursue financial compensation for their medical expenses, lost wages, and other damages.

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