Dangers of Pharmaceutical Errors

Prescription and over-the-counter drugs are used by physicians and pharmacists all over the world to treat patients. Yet, their concentrated and complex chemical natures often mean they are tailored for very specific conditions and may not be safe for everyone to use. Thus, they are controlled and regulated for consumer safety. Unfortunately, mistakes from both medical workers and pharmaceutical companies sometimes occur, causing serious health complications for the unsuspecting consumer.

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Pharmaceutical Error Hazards

Medicine is a highly specialized profession, and we trust our physicians to use their knowledge and experience correctly when treating us. Additionally, we also trust drug companies to not release medications that will cause us undue harm. Unfortunately, this trust is all-too-often misplaced, causing patients and medicine users serious harm. Some of the dangers of pharmaceutical mistakes are:

  • Being prescribed the wrong medication or dosage
  • The drug is mislabeled or contains the wrong medicine
  • The drug makes false claims
  • Unlabeled side effects

While most medications will not have deadly results, it is quite possible that the wrong prescription or a mislabeled drug could cause an individual grievous injury. Rather than treating them, the medicine could make a condition or injury worse.

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