Dangerous Weather and Auto Accidents

Although inclement weather conditions may cause dangerous situations to arise, it’s still the responsibility of other drivers to take proper precautions when driving in this weather. Weather itself can’t be held accountable for an accident, but a person’s or agency’s unwillingness to properly react to weather concerns on the road may make them liable for accidents that occur. Weather isn’t an excuse for making careless errors or decisions on the road, and those injured on the road because of a thoughtless error may be eligible to file a claim against the responsible party.

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Driver Error and Government Negligence Linked to Inclement Weather

Drivers have a responsibility to other motorists to pay attention to the conditions on the roads and adjust accordingly. Similarly, government agencies responsible for engineering safe roads and maintaining safety features on the roads may need to pay special attention to weather-related concerns. While the following may be linked to dangerous weather conditions, they can ultimately be considered human errors:

  • Failure to adjust driving for inclement conditions, especially in cases of heavy rain, ice, or snow
  • Failure to use wiper blades during rain or snow
  • Failure to use headlamps during rain, snow, or fog
  • Failure for truck drivers to properly secure their cargo and adjust their driving in high winds
  • Failure for government agencies to properly maintain drainage systems for roads, reducing rain-related road flooding
  • Failure for government agencies to post warnings in high-risk areas, such as particularly icy bridges

A person injured simply due to inclement weather cannot file a lawsuit. However, a mistake on a driver’s behalf or due to a government agency’s errors may be grounds for a victim of an accident to take legal action.

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