Dangerous Magnets in Children’s Toys

Defective childcare products and toys pose a serious threat for children, especially when they involve poorly attached or defective magnets. Magnets are dangerous not only as a choking hazard, but also due to the possible intestinal damage multiple magnets can cause if swallowed by a child. In these situations, a child may require immediate medical attention to remove the magnet before it causes serious health problems.

Parents of children in Birmingham shouldn’t have to worry about the safety of their children at play, but defective childcare products or toys can cause devastating injuries that warrant a legal response. At Yearout & Traylor, P.C., we can help our clients file product liability claims on behalf of their children, as we believe those injured due to defective products should have their fair chance at justice.

Injuries Caused by Defective Magnets

A child who swallows a single loose magnet may be able to pass that magnet through his or her system without serious incident. However, multiple loose magnets may be strong enough to pull towards each other while working through the child’s digestive system. As a result, the following injuries may occur:

  • Intestinal blockages
  • Internal bleeding due to intestinal perforation
  • Circulatory shock
  • Sepsis and other infection concerns

This may be grounds for a product liability claim against the product or toy’s manufacturer.

Contact a Product Liability Attorney in Birmingham

If your child has been injured because of a loose magnet in a defective toy, there may be legal action you can take against the liable product manufacturer. For more information about defective products and personal injury claims, contact an attorney from Yearout & Traylor, P.C., at 205.414.8160 today.