Can You File a Suit against the Government for Negligence?

When a person is injured because of a government agency or employee’s thoughtless mistakes, they may be entitled to file a lawsuit for financial compensation. However, there are some major exceptions to this rule, primarily including those who are injured while serving in the military. For injured individuals who do retain this right to sue, they should closely consider how the claims process differs between suing a private party for compensation and suing the federal government.

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What You Should Know When Suing the Government

A lawsuit against the government doesn’t follow the same legal process as filing against a private party. In particular, the government requires the following additions whenever a person considers legal action against them:

  • Injury claims must be filed within two years of the incident
  • A claimant must include a full report of what compensation they’re suing for
  • A claimant must provide vital information and details about the incident
  • The government will determine whether to provide out-of-court compensation or not
  • If the claim is disputed by the government, the claim can sue to bring the case to court
  • If a claimant wants to take a case to court, they must sue within six months of their claim denial

If a claim isn’t settled through the government, it will go through the courts as usual. However, a claimant may not be entitled to receive punitive damages in most cases due to legal restrictions on government negligence claims.

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