Burns Occurring on Dangerous Premises

Property owners and managers have a responsibility to those on their premises to take certain precautions to prevent burn accidents from occurring. Although not all incidents may be avoidable, there are many clear and obvious precautionary steps that should always be taken. If a property owner fails to implement these basic safeguards, they may be held financially liable for the injuries their negligence causes.

Premises Liability Failures that Lead to Burn Injuries

Certain safety failures or negligence on a property owner’s behalf may lead to serious burn injuries in an accident. These dangers may include:

  • Unsafe or uncovered wiring, which can lead to electrical burns
  • Uncovered or unmarked hot surfaces, which can cause contact burns
  • A lack of fire alarms, sprinkler systems, or fire exits, which can contribute to fire-related burns
  • Unsafe storage of toxic or hazardous materials, which can lead to chemical burns
  • Boiler room malfunctions or broken water pipes, which may cause steam or hot water burns

If a guest, resident, or worker is injured because of these hazards, they may be eligible to pursue legal action against the property owner or manager for the range of expenses they’ve incurred due to the injury.

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